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Aerocet 3400 Amphib

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Aerocet 3400 Amphib

Unread postby tralika » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:28 pm

I've been flying a set of Aerocet 3400 Amphib floats on a C185 recently. Previously a pilot landed this plane on the runway and one of the main gear retracted when he touched down. The problem was the pin that attaches the top of the oelo strut came out. That pin is held in place by clips. Last week during my pre-flight inspection I discovered a clip missing from one of the pins. The pin had started to back out. In the past Aerocet used cotter keys to secure these pins but they changed to the system of clips because it was so hard to get the cotter keys in place up inside the wheel well. The pins are about 5/16 in diameter, 4 in long, and are located near the top of the oelo strut. They run from side to side and are near the fitting used to put nitrogen in the strut. That fitting has a yellow cap on the floats I'm flying. They are not easy to see, you have to lay on your back and look up in the wheel well. A flashlight helps. You can just reach your arm up there to get your fingertips on the clips.

If your flying Aerocet amphibs I strongly recommend you check these clips on pre-flight.
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Re: Aerocet 3400 Amphib

Unread postby White Feather » Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:41 pm

I have the 3400 Amphibs., so was interested in your post. I first looked at my Aerocet Maintenance Manual (which might not be up to date) and it is unhelpful as it doesn't mention clips or pins in the Oleo Removal section. It simply says: "Item 3: remove the oleo by pulling shear pins."

However, I did trawl through the Aerocet website recently and found a Service Letter (SL08-35A-45065 Shear Bolt) dated 26th September 2014 which replaces these pins with shear bolts and castellated nuts, which should solve the problem once and for all.

It certainly beats lying on wet grass or tarmac in the course of every Pre-Flight Check!!

Best Wishes,

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