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Frozen In Time

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Frozen In Time

Unread postby RKittine » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:07 am

For those that may want to read a true story of WWII, Aviation, Seaplanes and adventurers, Frozen In Time is a excellent book covering the crash of a C-53 on the glacier fields or southeastern Greenland in November of 1942, followed by the crash of a B17 searching for it, then followed by the successful pick up of one of the seriously injured crewman of the B-17 by a Grumman J2F4 Duck, of which on 32 were ever made and as of 2012, only one was still flying. The Duck, then with the pilot, radioman and the injured airman crashed and were never rescued. But after many unsuccessful attempt to rescue the B-17 crew, the only one they were able to pin point, a PBY landed belly up on the ice some 18 days later and got the rest of the B-17 Crew out. In 2012 an expedition was able to find the Duck under hundreds of feet of snow and ice and retrieve it and the remains. The Coast Guard Pilot and the Radio Man WERE THE ONLY TWO COAST GUARD PERSONAL THAT HAD UNTIL THIS TIME NEVER BEEN REVOVERED. When buried the eulogy included the statement "All hands are now accounted for".

Great read.


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