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Simplified FAA Study Guide

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Simplified FAA Study Guide

Unread postby jjbaker » Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:10 am

FAA & Aviation Industry React To Crisis

AP- Increasingly cumbersome and at times extremely difficult written exams and knowledge tests from the FAA have taken a toll on the pilot population.

With initial failure rates at an all time high, the FAA recently responded with abbreviated study guides aimed at making studying easier and more fun for a new generation of student pilots. The recently issued replacement of the "Pilot Handbook Of Aeronautical Knowledge" has been amended to reflect those changes.


FAA Inspectors and Designated Pilot Examiners have been instructed to test according to the new study guides in circulation. In other words, asking questions in addition to the outlined material is strictly forbidden. The Practical Test Standards for Pilots, (Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, Instrument, Multi Engine, CFI & CFI-I and ATP) have been amended to read:

Objective. To determine that the applicant:

    [1] Exhibits adequate knowledge of when to push the UP/ DOWN/ LEFT/ RIGHT/ HOME & LAND button.
    [2] Can push those buttons upon gentle nudging from a Designated Pilot Examiner or FAA Inspector.

For Seaplane Ratings an additional task has been established:

Objective. To determine that the applicant:

    [1] Exhibits adequate knowledge and skill to avoid forgetting to land on water.

Conventional gear aircraft and all flying contraptions with more than one screen or any analog dials have been banned due to the risk and tremendous danger involved in their operation. The FAA is now working with the industry to allow for aircraft to be controlled via Facebook Applications and smart phone controls. Respective changes are expected to take effect later this year. FAA and NTSB expect Safe Skies by the end of 2013.
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