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Float take-off demo video from last fall.

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Float take-off demo video from last fall.

Unread postby Float Pilot » Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:33 am

We were trying to make a demo of mistakes and smooth take-offs. We had some camera problems and this is all we managed to salvage.
This was last fall, the day before she came off the floats. She is back on floats as of May and has already done a few float ratings.

During time counter 2:20 to 2:27 I was demonstrating what happens when you use excessive back-pressure on the stick or yoke. It drags the rear ( after-bodies) of the floats and induces lots of drag. You can see the little pressure waves popping off behind the floats. We goofed up the text for that part of the video.
I used my 1977 C-172N with a 160hp engine, Horton stol and Power Flow exhaust system. She sits on PK-2300 floats.

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Re: Float take-off demo video from last fall.

Unread postby KlausNW » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:33 am

You guys up north keep forgetting to untie the tail.... The first time I saw a floatplane from Fairbanks he had 20 feet of rope dangling behind.

Here in the Southeast we just tie-up to the docks, 5 or 6 feet of rope tied to the rear strut works just fine :acute:
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Re: Float take-off demo video from last fall.

Unread postby jjbaker » Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:05 am

Very neat promo video. Info: The link in the lower right corner of the video leads to - not your website.
I'll share this on the Facebook page as well. Very nicely done!

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