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Update on Local Seaplane Instruction

Unread postPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:21 pm
by RKittine
Fil Fina at Island Bob's - Citabria 7GCBC - Straight Floats - $175.00 per hour plus $50.00 for Andy the instructor.

Frank Reiss's C-172 XP is off line awaiting a new engine. Not sure what the new rates will be. Was $195.00 per hour wet (Amphib) plus $50.00 for instructor.

Tony DeBany, Danbury - The C-85 Cub is off the floats. Now using a brand new Husky on Amphibs. $395.00 per hour plus $75.00 per hours for instructor. He also has a Searay, but uses that mainly for new transition for new owners.