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PIX: backcountry pilot camping @ Airstrip Trailheads wanted

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PIX: backcountry pilot camping @ Airstrip Trailheads wanted

Unread postby CFII » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:14 pm

Wheels and/or floats PIX will be used.

Thanks to Everyone in Advance, from the RAF:


I am scheduled to present a two-hour session at the US Forest Service Region One, Regional Academy, at the University of Montana campus in Missoula in April. This is Region One’s long-standing program to gather new information, processes, and techniques to disperse to Forest Service personnel.

My session, titled “Aviation for the Non-pilot Land Manager” is based on the Recreational Aviation Foundation's "Advocates Guide." I will discuss the requirements to become a pilot; what it takes to remain a pilot; and the low-impact nature of backcountry flying. My intent is to validate recreational aviation by comparing it to other popular backcountry activities. In our work with land managers, we constantly encounter a resistance caused by an ignorance and distrust of airplane use of lands and water. Hopefully this session will dispel some of the ignorance and distrust.


I need airplane camping photos, i.e. pictures of a tent with an airplane in the picture. Please send me the original or largest size.

These photos will serve as the backdrop to my Power Point presentation. At an appropriate place I will ask the attendees if anyone has picked up on the subliminal message I have been sending with these attractive scenes. This will lead into the discussion of the low-impact nature of aircraft use on national forest lands.

Please identify the air strip and your name so I can credit you on the slide. Example: " Jensens at Meadow Creek"

Ron Normandeau

Chairman, Backcountry Airstrip Committee, MPA

Montana State Liaison, RAF

Recreational Aviation Foundation

1711 West College Street
Bozeman, MT 59715-4913
United States
406-582-1RAF (406-582-1723)

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RAF Mission:
“Keeping the legacy of recreational aviation strong by preserving, maintaining and creating public use recreational and backcountry airstrips nationwide”
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