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Advertising/ Board Rules (Required Reading)

Please familiarize yourself with our current rules and terms of service.

Advertising/ Board Rules (Required Reading)

Unread postby jjbaker » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:33 am

Please Adhere To These Simple Rules

The forums purpose is to enhance and enable national & international Seaplane Pilot communication while at the same time being a relaxed & laid back domain for such discussions and networking. The major backbone of a good forum is it's quality of content & reach, not the amount of advertising links and product plugs placed. As the sites owner, I ask you to refrain from selling or advertising any specific product, or to lead members of this forum to sites that serve no other purpose than to sell them something. We are also not the right site for you to solicit investment opportunities for free. Technical information and sites that enable the fellow member to research and learn are however encouraged to enhance the quality of content & information.

How To Advertise?

See our 2016 Advertising Rate Card or contact for details.

Forum Code Of Conduct

  • No Name-calling or insults. Your account will be deleted/ banned. There will be no recourse.
  • No Sex, *Politics* or Religion. Political and religious topics are strictly limited to our politics section. No exceptions.
  • No Advertising. Any advertising or product plugs without permission get the account banned. No exceptions.
  • No Placement of posts containing only a link. You will loose the ability to post links and find your account subject to moderation.
  • No Sale & WTB posting on behalf of others - this specifically includes Barnstormer & Ebay Ads & For Sale & WTB items elsewhere

*Political statements may be found throughout regular advocacy topics and can be found on the forum.
If such offends you, mouse to the upper right or left corner of the screen, locate the X and leave the page.*

The previously issued 3 Strike Policy for violations has been replaced with the above. Part of your registration and membership here is based on the assumption that you agreed to abide by a very short and simple to follow list of rules. If such is not possible for you this is not the right website for you.

Corporate Usernames

Registering with a username that indicates a relationship to a company or product is fine with me. Please be aware that your profile will be placed on our moderation queue and be subject to rather limited features. Should you attempt to place product advertising/ video advertising or any other promotional material on this forum, or solicit our membership without permission your account will be disabled. If regular advertising on this forum is too expensive for your company, contact me via to discuss options.

Moderators & Co Administrator

  • Act on behalf of the forum and according to instructions furnished by me. Editor: Jason Baker (Admin & Owner,
  • Have the right to ask members to conduct themselves professionally and courteously, at all times.
  • Have the right to edit or move any topic if they believe that the topic violates our Terms & Conditions.
  • May wish to, but are in no way obligated to inform a member of any moderation action taken.
  • Are not subject to be criticized or chastised for any moderation action taken.
  • Are fully entitled to all the privileges of registered members and may freely share their opinion.

If a conflict ensues, the point of contact is
I hereby reject any and all privacy notices added to emails and complaints, please formulate your complaint in such a manner that you would feel comfortable publishing it. Rest assured that I have no issues publishing hate-mail, threats or legal threats in full and without regard to anyone's privacy.

Disclaimers & Copyright Clause

Any statements (posts) made are those of the respective member and do not reflect or represent the opinion of this community, or other entities related to us. As the publisher of this forum, I do respond to specific legal inquiries but only to the extend required by law. Links leading to other websites and forums are beyond the editorial control of this forums administration. does not endorse or approve of any statements made on any other site and takes no responsibility for physical or financial damage resulting from the use of such information. The content on this forum is subject to copyright of information/ data/ imagery on display. Redistribution, or making otherwise protected content (supporting members, founders, private messages, or content that requires a login to see) from this forum available elsewhere is subject to individual written permission via, otherwise it should be considered strictly prohibited.

Flying is dangerous. Please do not mistake information contained or published on this forum as a valid replacement or valid equivalent of proper legal counsel or instruction from a qualified CFI. Technical information, tips, tricks or ways to solve mechanical problems on your aircraft are subject to your individual judgment and have not been evaluated/ checked or otherwise verified by anyone. Remember that you do anything at your own peril, your survivors will not be very successful in suing this forum just because you did something you may have seen on a forum. We do not communicate official FAA Opinion, the FAA does that. Everything published here should be considered opinion and opinion only. Remember, flying is dangerous and you may get killed without ever knowing why.

Posting Of News & News Releases

Do not post content or pictures from news sources without proper credit and in case you work for the company in the news release, do not post the item without permission. If in doubt about the copyright laws and what you should post, send the news item you wish to have published to - with a request for publication. Remark: I do not publish news releases for aviation companies seeking a cheap way to advertise their products or services. News posted by staff members and moderators of are my sole editorial responsibility, hence copyright claims with specific information about the location and form of violation go directly to me via

Support & Donations:

Donations are gladly accepted and help with growing and providing future features and services to the community. Your support will be recognized unless you wish to remain anonymous. Personal donations range from $25.00 - $300.00 per year. Please remember that personal support payments are NOT tax deductible and you are not donating to a charity or non profit organization, which means you may not declare your membership fee here on your tax return.

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