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Planning for next season

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Planning for next season

Unread postby TriPacer » Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:25 pm

Hey guys,

Well, we took The Force off floats last week and got her over to her winter hangar. I admit I wasn't posting much this summer - things got pretty busy for a while but I was able to put 20 hours on the plane, which was a blast. My favorite weekend was over the 4th of July when all the kids were up at the lake and I started giving rides. What started with 2 kids ended up into an all-day love affair with kids, adults, etc. all having a great time seeing their cabins from the sky!

I wanted to start to plan a long weekend trip for next summer. Any ideas as to where I should go? Good destinations in Central Canada? Lake Michigan? North Dakota? I'd really like to head somewhere secluded to camp for a weekend - maybe I just fly around and find a remote pothole?

In any case, The Force has definitely been worth the effort in vetting and saving for a seaplane. What an enjoyable pastime and the joy it brings others who experience it for the first time is amazing!
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