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Twin Bee to Russia?

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Twin Bee to Russia?

Unread postby Rajay » Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:21 pm

I recently noticed that N9507U, a 1975 STOL UC-1 Twin Bee s/n 17, has been de-registered in the US and the reason listed is that it has been exported to the "Russian Federation." Just wondering if anyone here knew anything about it. Seems an awful long way away from any kind of tech support - and don't the Russians already have a spate of new personal-size flyingboats available on the market?

According to Steinar's all-things-Seabee Web site ([url]]) the history of N9507U is as follows:

N9507U 1975-05-07 Manufacturing Date.
1975-05-07 Test flight by test pilot Peter Annis.
1975-05-23 Delivered to Gene Morgan; Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.
1979-08-06 Certificate of Airworthiness issued.
1980-01-14 Charles S. Brown; Route 5, Box 235, Winter Haven, FL 33880, USA.
1996-11-20 Joseph La Placa Trustee; 2945 Maricopa Avenue, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406-8636, USA. Co-owner: Jean La Placa Trustee.

Since that Web page was last updated, this Twin Bee apparently went from Arizona first to Spearfish Aviation in Summerset, SD in March 2013, then to Bulat Ermakov in Deland, FL in March 2014 - and now to Russia. It's certainly getting around!

Wonder if "Bulat" simply moved back home... the name sounds Russian. Maybe he was over here just long enough to complete some flight training and buy an airplane. Who knows? Literally, who knows? I'm curious and just like to keep tabs on such things.

And Merry Christmas everyone!
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