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RAF renewal reminder

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RAF renewal reminder

Unread postby Tim McCormack » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:36 am

Don't forget to renew your membership in RAF. Here's a link:

I got this email:

Dear Tim,

Another year has gone by, and your Recreational Aviation Foundation and our many volunteers and supporters across the country have unceasingly been at work preserving our aviation legacy every day. "Creating, preserving and maintaining recreational and back country airstrips" is what as the only non-profit organization of its kind, your RAF, has become known, respected and highly admired for.

In the last year, we have passed recreational use statutes in Georgia, Wisconsin, South Carolina and California. We are working on projects in Michigan, Florida, Idaho, Arizona and California. All this work helps spread the word about recreational aviation to pilots and non-pilots alike. Your generous donations make this all possible."

Please continue to support this important endeavor by renewing your membership through your donation of $50 or more. No one else does what we do, and we do it well. Click here to help us insure the future of these national aviation treasures for years to come. Thank you for your continued support, call me directly anytime for a personal update on our efforts on your behalf.


John McKenna

President, RAF
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