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One Of The Most Upbeat Airventure Events

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One Of The Most Upbeat Airventure Events

Unread postby jjbaker » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:09 pm

Hey Folks,

I spent a lot of time this last week trying to cover some of the Airventure 2015 Event through Press & Media articles.
For the first time in 11 Years, I was sad like a dog not to be able to go and see Oshkosh.

What an incredible show EAA put on, using thousands of volunteers, staff members and vendors. Wow!
Amazing airplanes on display, amazing pilots working hard to impress the crowds, all without real incidents.

AVweb has been incredibly upbeat with its coverage, the whole shebang was present with awesome videos and coverage.

Administrator Huerta killed all of his last bit of remaining credibility, proving his insincerity and half-minded approach to General Aviation.
ALPA's Tom Conell couldn't have chosen a better time to type his stupid letter to a Senator about his Associations opposition to GA Medical reform.

Next time he may choose not to do stuff like this during the worlds largest General Aviation Convention..... :roll:

All in all an extremely upbeat and positive event, one of the few I am really sad to have missed.
No matter what kind of idiotic challenges GA may face - Airventure 2015 carried a very strong message!

This guy (nearly 4,300 miles away) heard it LOUD AND CLEAR - I hope many others will do the same.
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