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Australia's AAAA Changes Name To AAAA

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Australia's AAAA Changes Name To AAAA

Unread postby jjbaker » Thu Aug 13, 2015 2:06 pm

Australia’s AAAA changes name - holds first firefighting conference

The Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Ltd, recently changed its name at its Annual General Meeting to the Aerial Application Association of Australia Ltd.

This change was made to better reflect the wide range of aviation businesses and pilots the company represents including both agricultural and firefighting operations. CEO of the Association, Mr Phil Hurst, said that the change was an evolution of the Association that had been representing both the agricultural and firefighting sectors for many years and the Association would maintain its history through the ongoing use of the AAAA acronym (pronounced ‘Four As’).

“AAAA was originally founded in 1958 and since then has been willing to adapt to the changing need of its members as they have grown.

“In addition to supporting farming clients by protecting crops, sowing seeds and applying fertilizer, the firefighting sector has emerged as an increasingly important sector in need of strong representation through a united voice.

“AAAA’s track record of positive government relations, safety promotion, environmental protection and whole of life professional development means that both agricultural and firefighting companies and pilots are now able to support an Association that is clearly focused on their needs.

“AAAA recently held the inaugural Aerial Firefighting Operators Conference in Albury which was well supported and produced a strong strategic direction across a range of fire-related issues.

“AAAA will be seeking to work cooperatively with the National Aerial Firefighting Centre and the State/Territory Fire Agencies over the coming months to establish a professional relationship that will support the agencies in their interactions with firefighting contractors.

“The inaugural Aerial Firefighting Conference was such a success that operators have already voted in favour of it becoming an annual event. Next year’s event will again be held in Albury and will also feature a trade show.

“Operators, pilots and trade supporters can all become members of AAAA with a wide range of benefits on offer ranging from political representation to practical programs on everything from dangerous goods to human factors training” Mr Hurst said.

Source: AgAirUpdate
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