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Seaplane flips over in Lake Gaston, NC - Again

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Seaplane flips over in Lake Gaston, NC - Again

Unread postby Rajay » Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:07 pm

Local media, or more accurately "local authorities" such as the Highway Patrol who are "investigating" the crash of a "Cub" seaplane in Lake Gaston just north of the Research Triangle area in central NC were reported on the ABC affiliate's newscast this morning as trying to determine "why" the seaplane flipped over on its back in the water after trying to land on Lake Gaston.

Here's a freaking clue for these "not rocket scientist" morons; in all of the video and still photos of the "wreck" floating upside-down in the water, the wheels in the amphibious floats are sticking up out of the floats, so they obviously were in the "down" position when the plane attempted its landing in the water. It's not like the pilot would have hit the switch to "lower" the wheels AFTER the plane flipped over and he was upside-down in the water. So, DUH! Anyone with half a clue about seaplanes already knows "why" it flipped over.

FYI: Second time in about 3 months that someone has done something like this in that lake, which BTW AFAIK is not explicitly open to seaplanes. Last time was a Maule 235.
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Re: Seaplane flips over in Lake Gaston, NC - Again

Unread postby chrisbuck243 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:27 am

Sad to see. Hopefully this repeated offense doesn't cause a push towards restricting seaplanes completely in the lake.
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