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End of Year Report 2016 and Outlook 2017

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End of Year Report 2016 and Outlook 2017

Unread postby jjbaker » Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:27 am

Howdy Folks,

Time to bring my yearly status report to you, regarding A small attempt to tell about the future is included.

2016 Challenges

Both forum and its Paypal account have seen better days. :?

Facebook is taking more and more of the interesting exchanges away from traditional forums, the only ones still standing have many more active members. On Paypal I noted the lowest number of donations since inception of the site in 2010, with just about 20 donations received. This was my first year of skipping any of the traditional mail-outs to get people to be active or to donate and it was my first real "stepping back" from all of it. Its good to get some distance.

On one hand its sad to write a minus at the end of the year, on the other hand its not surprising to see less donations with no activity and vice versa.

Primarily because hosting was already prepaid, will stay open for 2017, or as long as there are no severe technical issues.

2016 Developments

In 2016 had ONE active sponsor with Gammon River East and received one more inquiry from a company that is building docks.
Despite the low activity level and corresponding traffic, the site remains a very good source of information for pilots and owners, still attracting a good number of visitors and readers. If you do accidentally run into someone who has realized that print advertising is expensive and inefficient, make them an offer to come on board with the only seaplane specific forum that wasn't build on greed. One or two sponsors will be needed to keep the site open beyond 2017, that's for sure.


The site was launched at the very end of December and this happened under the official leadership of Chris Buckner. Reason for this "concealment" was to find out if a new "news site" for seaplanes would get equally stonewalled and shunned as this forum (association politics) and surprisingly, the first to inquire about and notice the new site was the Seaplane Pilots Association. Questions were pretty standard: "Who runs it?" "Will you go into print?" and "Will there be paid advertising". Nothing else of relevance. Silence ever since.

Since this happened without my official involvement, I deemed it irrelevant to further conceal myself. Findings of this "study": Everybody with a new idea or concept gets the same cold and useless treatment." Something we should have desperately attempted to avoid. Our industry is locked to newcomers, we behave like a bunch of arrogant assholes and we look down on everyone, rather than using fresh ideas and motivated people. This all isn't fading into uselessness for no reason - our people have created its very own monster.

Chris has since departed his plans to write more, his job, wife and custom call business is keeping him on his toes, which lead to a lack of new articles over the last several months. He did travel to the U.S. to fly and spent a good amount of time there, building up his flight time, however he no longer finds the time to write articles. Fortunately my job situation changes again in January of 2017 and I have decided to loosely keep working on the site with content. Sky Terry stays on as a dedicated co-editor and we will continue to try help build momentum and audience for the concepts of using seaplanes in disaster response.

This is all as time permits and completely dependent on how much quality news get sent my way. If someone is interested to jump in and write, let me know.
There is no paid content, nothing you see brings anyone any money, on the contrary, I finance the site with personal funds.

Nothing else of significance on the map here, other than: feel free to use the site, ask freely if you need help and the guy you shave owns and changes this forum into what he (or she) wants it to be.

If you do find a few pennies in your wallet, feel free to donate to the via the known channel.

Thanks, Happy Holidays & Happy New Years!
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Re: End of Year Report 2016 and Outlook 2017

Unread postby cubdriver2 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:34 pm

It's good to see that this place only draws pilots from the cream of the crop. Someday the rest of the pilot world will want to join us at the top. :cowwave:

On another high note it's amazing how crafty you have been these last few years avoiding the tax man getting into your profit margin, your a slydog :Captain:

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Re: End of Year Report 2016 and Outlook 2017

Unread postby BGH » Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:03 pm

I may not have had much chance to go flying this year ,or even get to the airport but I did remember to donate to my favourite forum;hopefully it will be around for a while yet.

Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year to all.

Diane & Daryl :CAN:
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