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Pilot Shortage Solutions?

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Re: Pilot Shortage Solutions?

Unread postby jjbaker » Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:09 pm

Edit to add: is geared for everything up to the Citation X. While we do a lot of coverage on the business side of seaplane flying, we steer clear of the airline industry. I think the average size of plane is a Beaver, Caravan, Kodiak and the likes...

None of the companies we deal with depends on the airlines, all of them benefit directly or indirectly from a healthy GA & BA market.

Of course you can find topics about Harbour Air, Kenmore, Trans Maldivian, which brings natural coverage about VIKING Air and such. All of them remember where they came from.

Soon there will be more information from companies who traditionally are members of NBAA, but have also featured smaller companies. I am proud to be a NBAA & EBAA Media Partner. Imagine, NBAA is the single only association I can really not afford to be a member of with my, but they beat every single three or four letter association we have in GA by the factor of 20. Its the only association I promote, besides our German Seaplane Pilots Association.

I design advertising too, offer the set up and administration of various social media presences (contractually) primarily for companies who don't want to have 100% reliance on Facebook & Twitter but still want to be presented.

I also still do websites and help with overall marketing & advertising related questions. The one thing I no longer do is work for free. Done it for 8 years.

Hit me any time while I still have a pulse!
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