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Aviation "Good News" ?

Wed May 16, 2018 1:04 am

A very big question: ????????????????

How do you report the good news in aviation without advertising the good people who make the good news??????

There is so many great things happening in my world of aviation yet I can't tell anybody because it's called "FREE advertising"

Thousands of people on the northwest coast of these United States are offered very convenient reasonable fares to very popular destinations. I want to tell the world that aviation is booming but when I say company XYZ they say "that's advertising". So, lets talk about the negative.....

Aviation is having a pilot shortage, nobodies buying planes anymore, accidents everywhere, pilots error and more negative aviation.....

lower price seat fares, pilot flys animals to rescue, pilot flys medevac, company starts flying between two major cities, better freight delivery because of aviation and many other positive stories that would promote aviation and spark interest in non-pilot community. These headlines won't happen because it's called "FREE Advertising" and media won't allow that.

"If it bleeds it leads" is the only thing we as readers read because the media just won't go positive unless there's a dollar sign attached.

Lets see if this positive news ever makes it out of the local paid market...

Re: Aviation "Good News" ?

Wed May 16, 2018 6:37 am

Who is complaining Klaus that it is free advertising and what venues are you trying to put out the news and getting this response. I have made lots of Positive Posts around the net regarding positive things that companies do or have done and never got that response unless I posted things that sound like ads. In my experience, you just need to write it correctly.


Re: Aviation "Good News" ?

Wed May 16, 2018 9:11 am

I don't get it. Whats new about this, Klaus?

That Kenmore article is a sponsored (paid) piece and it was expensive. Had they send it to us on it would have been free.

Of course you would not have reached the amazingly flying friendly community & social justice warriors and liberals in that area, but instead shared their news with people who at least give a flying rats ass about seaplanes. But Kenmore can't do that, because if they do, I will ask who's in charge of their sponsorship department again. That's a big NO NO.

Not a single piece of content on my site has ever been paid for (job ads excluded) and we did more to bring and keep some companies present than any other outfit.
BTW: Kenmore Air used to send us news releases. When we submissively asked to consider for sponsorship, communication ceased instantly.

95% of press releases these days follow about the cheapest writing style you can find. Walmart has better writers and obviously smarter consumers.
Pushing product, push push push, blah blah blah, buy this, buy that, Joe Blow said, gosh it's flying, typing, sounding nice, quick, excellent, don't forget to buy!

Sensational! Airplane Brokers ought to be members of NARA. That makes them ETHICAL. Only THAT! Join. Buy Now! Nara says if you don't buy from a member broker or authorized aircraft reseller, your puppy will die, the atmosphere will explode and your child will be born with 9 heads and no ass.

I consult companies on getting news coverage. 75% are complaining that their news don't get covered anywhere.

Step one: Don't hire a Copywriter as your Press & PR Person.
Step two: Read the news release/ information and ask yourself:

  • If I was an editor/ publisher; would I run this as news or offer an advertorial instead?
  • If I was a reader, would I smell the dead fish lurking in the text?
  • If I was a sponsor/ advertiser - would I be upset for paying a news outlet to cover this shit?
  • If the aviation news site is good enough for your advertorial style news release...

Further tips: Consulting Contract. NDA. Contact:

I used to just take the news releases and share them with my readers, leaving links, plugs and every bit of crap some idiot decided was of importance in there.

Then I realized that I have to actually be much much more selective in what I cover and now often rewrite things or just ignore them.

Sad, isn't it?!

If you're nice, people will send you stuff for coverage, expect you to cover it quickly and completely and when its time to travel to report from any aviation event or invest in the future of your website and the people who make it tick, you get kicked in the nuts so hard, you wouldn't believe it.

Try me. Send me some real good news from company XYZ and see how long it takes me to share it.

:fishing: :horsy: :fishing:

Re: Aviation "Good News" ?

Wed May 16, 2018 9:29 am

BTW, not only did Kenmore pay through the nose for this piece, as a reader, I see this:

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Time to become a great journalist! :Mr.Money: :Mr.Money: :Mr.Money:

Re: Aviation "Good News" ?

Wed May 16, 2018 2:26 pm

Recently I've been running into friends all around my area that tell me their business is expanding or contracts are being signed. Many of the pilots and mechanics I talk with each day are being worked harder then ever before.

I have a computer set up so I can walk by and read it throughout the day. Instead of the old 'smoke break' I have the walk by 'read break'. The owners are spending money on engines and major airframe improvements. They want things done that have been recommended for years but they didn't want to spend that much. It's just getting so busy and good things are happening then I read the news and comments and everyone is so down and negative.

I want to tell people the positive news but it always sounds like an advertisement for the business. In the past, the flight school I worked with use to send out press releases. They cost money and many times even rejected. If you write a piece on a business struggling it's plastered everywhere covered by non-aviation media alike in print and video.

Airlines are opening their wallets and paying reasonable wages and offering scholarships. What do we hear and read though? Engine failures, windows, tires and rudders breaking. Pilot and passenger negative experiences. What do you read in the comment section? Negative and obsolete information.

I've talked to a couple media folks about the success of a local charter company competing with the highway system and making money at it. I've always figured that when aircraft and cars started competing for the 50 mile trip that aviation was going to come back. Now that it's happening I find myself correct. Aviation is having a big come back. Nobody wants to talk about it.

Re: Aviation "Good News" ?

Wed May 16, 2018 4:32 pm

I can't change status quo in general news media. I can't change status quo in aviation news media or association politics. What I can do is run my own show and share the good news, honestly, straight and (as far as possible) unbiased.

When its shared, it spreads. When it spreads, more people find out about it.

Some hate it, most like it.

More than 550 of the 730 articles on required me to spend time. I WRITE NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I run after people for content 24/7.I have offered you several times to come on board as a editor, like Dave Marion. He needed convincing and wasn't sure he could do it. I cant pay for guest editorials, but I can feature the stuff everyone else wants money for. I just don't beg or run after people anymore.

Well Dave could and with him could more than 20 others. Big guys, little guys, anyone who has sent something to share got attention. Some get feedback more than a year after writing their articles. Nobody has to worry about editing, proofreading, formatting, all of it done by yours truly...

2.5 years it took for the media to seriously pick up on what we do. We've been linked to on Fox, CNN and countless other sites. Ask Sky Terry what he thinks about our site, or any of the people out west who have been working their asses off to make things possible, if they think the coverage helped or at least gave them some tailwind.

What else can I do other than invite people over and over? I am not seeing a lot of traffic here and everything shared goes up in nothing. This forum looses money left and right. TIME IS MUCH WORSE, its 10:30PM here and I've been running since 5AM.

I get your point and I understand your frustration. For me, I DECIDED that if I wanted to rock something, I had to push the reset button and run my own show.

Chris is headed to the states soon, he's been barely visible lately, so I can use the help, too...
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