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For Sale Jeppesen Leather Binders

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For Sale Jeppesen Leather Binders

Unread postby RKittine » Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:56 am

Still using Jepp printed charts and plates? I have 7 of the Large, Leather Jepps Binders that were $50.00 each and one 1" Leather one that I used for individual trips. I have an electronic service now and since I only do instrument instruction flying LSA, I have no need for having all these binders. Will be happy to sell one at a time as I know that most people do not bother carrying a full size chart case. My chart case has seen better days and is being retired to the dump. The binders have Plastic separators for Departure, etc. as well as plastic chart pockets.

$20.00 each seems fair.


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