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TURKEY: Rısıng Star Of Transportation: Seaplane

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TURKEY: Rısıng Star Of Transportation: Seaplane

Unread postby KlausNW » Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:51 pm

Seaplanes are emerged as an alternative solution, by combining seaway and airway, for inland and overseas transportation with a variety of commercial roles and usages in order to expand the limits of transportation. Seaplane gives the opportunity to operate in various conditions such as on snow, water or ground.

This alternative has been using for years by USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Africa either for military or civil services. And now with the amended Regulation of Seaplane and Seaplane Operations (SHY-sea) came into effect on 23.07.2013, it is predicted that seaplane transportation will rise drastically in Turkey as considering the geographic features, it is not too far for Turkey to become a seaplane transportation base in the Mediterranean. Private aviation companies and local authorities are now focused their attention on this new alternative to use the geographical potential of Turkey.

This new regulation simplified the usage of seaplane and makes it more effective as a transportation method. Under the terms of the regulation, in order to perform seaplane transportation, operators should hold a operating certificate comply with the conditions of Regulation on Commercial Air Transportation Operators (SHY-6A) and General Regulation of Aircraft Operations (SHY-6B) and continue to fulfil the conditions stated on the regulations during the seaplane operation. ...

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