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Why Would Huerta Visit OSH???

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Why Would Huerta Visit OSH???

Unread postby jjbaker » Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:26 am

Maybe FAA Administrator Michael Huerta should stop bothering to come to AirVenture. Traditionally, administrators have done a Meet the Boss session, plus press availability. But Huerta’s dissembling non-answers and side-steps of the most benign questions have become somewhat of a joke, and not a har-har joke, but a pathetic one. Give the man credit though; he is a skilled survivor at the highest levels of government bureaucracy.

I have yet to hear Huerta offer a substantive answer on the burning issue of the day, the reform of the Third Class medical. But this week, he reached a new low, suggesting that pilots should contact their congressional representatives to urge action on medical reform. Isn’t this tantamount to saying I can’t do my job, please have congress force me to?

GA’s relationship with the FAA has, under Huerta, eroded to a point I never thought it could reach. And given that the FAA feels it no longer has to respond to legitimate press inquiries, ours is even worse than that.

Source: AVweb Blog
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