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STOL 777 Hits Approach Lights During Departure

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STOL 777 Hits Approach Lights During Departure

Unread postby jjbaker » Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:06 am

The FAA is investigating and the NTSB is reportedly about to get involved after an incident in which a Qatar Airlines Boeing 777 hit approach lights while taking off from Miami International Airport last week. The aircraft apparently took off from an intersection with a midfield taxiway, leaving less than two-thirds the normal runway length of 13,000 feet. It would be unusual (although not impossible) for an intersection departure (8,500 feet available) for a flight of this duration (7,700 miles) in this aircraft.


According to the Doha News, airline officials found "substantial" damage to the belly of the airplane at the other end and several approach lights were destroyed by the collision. Qatar reported the incident to the FAA two days after the mishap and hasn't commented on it. The FAA has listed it as an accident and airline pilot forums have lit up with speculation on how it happened and how close a call it was.

Source: AVweb
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