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European Coastal Airlines: Zadar to Rab and Ancona

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European Coastal Airlines: Zadar to Rab and Ancona

Unread postby KlausNW » Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:57 am

European Coastal Airlines: New Seaplane Connections from Zadar to Rab and Ancona

Croatia's seaplane network is growing steadily in preparation for a busy 2016 season.

In the latest of a series of new routes by modern Europe's first scheduled seaplane operator, European Coastal Airlines will be adding two new routes from Zadar from February 1, according to new timeables published on its website on January 15, 2016.

The Croatian airlines, which started operations on the Adriatic in August 2014 after a mammoth 14-year battle with Croatian bureaucracy, has been steadily expanding its network, and it has added some key strategic routes in recent weeks, in preparation for what is sure to be a busy 2016 season. These include the first international connection to Italy to Ancona from downtown Split and Rijeka Airport, while next month with see Dubrovnik and Split connected finally, as well as another Italian connection - Pescara from downtown Split.

The latest additions concern Zadar airport, which will be servicing the island of Rab and Ancona Airport four times a week from February 1. Zadar is an increasingly popular entry point for tourists coming to the Dalmatian coast, as it is home to Ryanair's 54th European base, and the opportunity to immediately depart from the airport to a Croatian island by seaplane will only add to the appeal. More announcements and an expansion of the network are expected shortly.

In other ECA developments yesterday, the airline opened bookings until October for selected routes: downtown Split and Resnik (Split Airport) to Jelsa on Hvar, Vela Luka on Korcula and the island of Lastovo, with Ancona to be added next week.
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Re: European Coastal Airlines: Zadar to Rab and Ancona

Unread postby Rajay » Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:38 pm

I know that there is another semi-active thread on this forum regarding European Coastal Airlines' on-again/off-again operations over the past 15 years or so, but that other thread seems to be a bit harsher and more contentious, so I thought I'd post my news update here instead.

It looks like ECA is finally breaking through the regulatory chaos over there and making a real go of it - and personally I couldn't be happier for them! Another new commercial seaplane operator in a corner of the world not previously or at least recently active as such is a good thing for the industry in general.

They are primarily operating a Twotter on floats, but I recently got word through the Goose community "grapevine" that they are also making renewed efforts to get their Grumman G-21A (s/n B-101) online with their operations too. It was formerly operated by Forest Industries Flying Tankers Ltd. and registered as C-FVFU in Canada up until 2005 and now it is temporarily re-registered there again as C-FMXW (although still physically located in Croatia) while they work to get it "conformed" and re-certified with a new CofA under current EASA commercial guidelines.

Best of luck to them! :cheers:
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Re: European Coastal Airlines: Zadar to Rab and Ancona

Unread postby 9aplus » Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:52 am

G-21 A is Annex 2 aircraft for EASA lands therefore no commercial PAX allowed.
Knowing how they lost other Annex 2 aircraft LA-4 that rule have good reason.
BTW Regulatory goes all the time in favour of ECA, some time even against general safety
on the sea...

For example -> ... prirucnik/ ... ADC_en.pdf
Made by direct order of ex minister and ex Gov cabinet office chief....
So they may need that luck
(so far just 2 fatal and one ex pilot for good)
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