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Flight Design Insolvency

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Flight Design Insolvency

Unread postby KlausNW » Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:10 pm

Dear Partners,
as you know, the last 4 years have been very difficult for Flight Design. A combination of events including delays with the 912iS, the investment required for Production Organization approval and the Russian invasion close to our factory in Ukraine have all worked against our company.

To account for this situation, Flight Design had broadened out into engineering services, primarily for a South Korean engineering firm and technology transfer for the CTLS series to AeroJones Aviation in Taiwan. The income from those projects, were used to greatly reduce our order backlog and AeroJones financed also separately the development of the C4.
Despite these efforts, we have had a few individuals that have threatened us if we didn’t follow their demands and have started also commercial court cases against us. This occurred during a very sensitive time when we were close to gaining the investment we needed. As we cannot deliver all of the airplanes or pay everyone at once we understood that we had to act immediately in the interest of our creditors, customers, partners and employees.

We are officially notifying you that we have applied for a planned receivership which allows for reorganization of the company. During the time of reorganization, the court has appointed Mr. Knut Rebholz from Mönning -Partner http://www.moenning-partner.comto be in managing the affairs of the company.

Despite the receivership we are glad to be able to continue technical support for our customers and dealers at: .We will soon be sending information to you to assist you in confirming your debt or claim as a creditor with the appointed receiver.

Your Flight Design Team

Flight Design GmbH
Zum Tower 4
D-01917 Kamenz
Tel.: +49 (0)3578 / 37335 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)3578 / 37335 - 69
Commercial Register: DresdenHRB 32961 VAT ID No.: DE 147857992
Board of Directors: Matthias Betsch(CEO)-Daniel Günther-Christian Wenger

Klaus Marx - Piper Pacer Pilot
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